Christmas Break Recap

Luke started back to school last week and we are all getting used to a new schedule. We had a good 3 week break, but I think if he was really honest Luke would say eh was ready to get back too school! ūüôā¬†

We took the boys to Chuck E Cheese for the first time and they loved it! We went for lunch on a Tuesday before everyone was out of school and no one was there. Thomas had the WHOLE place to himself! Of course his favorite games were the football and basketball games and once he realized there was a bigger goal to shoot on he no longer wanted to play on the kids goal (go figure). We put Liam on the little carrousel and he just laughed the whole time. We stayed about 2 hours and I think both boys fell asleep before we even left the parking lot!

Another really fun introduction was Thomas to board games. We had plans that fell through for New Years Eve, so after putting Liam down we decided to pop some popcorn and try and play some games with T. Well he loved this. First we played Jinga, then Battleship, and last but certainly not least Pog. Now everyday he wants to play! Tonight we where at our friends, The Winkler’s, and played Monopoly and Thomas was hanging in there (what better way to teach a 2 year old about money)!¬†

The day after Christmas it snowed and since T got a sled for Christmas we bundled everyone up and went to try it out! It wasn’t a lot of snow, but enough for Thomas to get the idea and a few good slides in.¬†

All in all it was a great break, but I think the best part was just having Luke home for the boys too play with.




Food for All Baseball

This summer The Wilson’s hosted FFA and set up some swimming pools for the kids. Well, if your going to be back there watching them said the boys, why not play some baseball…

William Tennyson

March 17th, 2012 gave us the gift of another son. Because of having a C-Section with Thomas, I had just decided to do the same with Liam. We were scheduled to have him March 26th. The day before my 27th birthday. However, on a routine doctors visit, I was told that Liam was shutting down my liver. Scary right. Well the good news was the prognosis for this is to deliver the baby at 37 weeks which I was already a week past. So with that Chris (the most amazing doctor/friend you could ask for) says “I’m working tomorrow. Let’s have him then”! Not surprisingly I was in complete shock. Luke had stayed home with Thomas while he was napping so it’s just me hearing that I do not have 10 days to prepare (more so mentally at this point) for baby number 2, but less then 24 hours!

Back story on this is that a few months before this I had a terrible cough that wasn’t going away so the doc had some blood work done. When the test came back my liver ¬†enzymes were double what they should have been. This doesn’t effect anything until late in pregnancy, but after 37 weeks it becomes fatal to the baby.

As a result of this, Chris wanted to get an ultrasound to check on baby as well as monitor his heart rate. This is when I went from being in shock and excited to meet Liam, to a little fearful. I called Luke and got as much of the story as I could before being taken to the monitoring room. My poor poor husband. All he hears is something is wrong and we have to have Liam tomorrow. I think he made it from Union to the clinic in 1 minute. Not kidding. All of a sudden the door to the room bursts open and it’s Luke with our doctor right behind him. Chris filled him in on everything that was going on and Liam seemed to be doing fine. Next came the real test, the ultrasound. The ultrasound showed Liam doing well, but my amniotic fluid was 1/2 a centimeter low so Chris wanted me to spend the night in the hospital. So now I’ve not only gone from having the baby the next day, but to going in the hospital that night.

So many blessings in disguise here. One being that Luke’s mom was in town and was able to keep Thomas while Luke speedily came to the clinic! She also brought us dinner that night and took me on one last Target run! Another huge blessing was that The Vancleaves were on their way to spend the weekend with us! I think they were getting in the car when I texted Ema telling her she was going to get to meet Liam while she was here! And as much as I did not want to spend my last night as a mother of one in the hospital it was a worth it when finding out that the umbilical cord was in fact wrapped around Liam like the doc was afraid of.

When we finally got home (with orders to report to the hospital at 10 that night) the first call I made ( after my mom of course) was to Cari Phillips to come take pictures and then to Janie Williams because I was supposed to have had a baby shower the next day! After pictures, packing, dinner, and Target it was time to head to the hospital. By this point The Vancleaves were there and Luke stayed home to put Thomas to bed and Ema came with me to get checked in. At this point I’m feeling really well but, they insisted on wheeling me up to my room. Once in labor and delivery I hear this poor lady who is clearly in labor and walking the halls say “She’s doing really well to be in labor”!

I didn’t sleep at all that night. And the next morning it was go time! I think I was scheduled for 9 a.m. but it kept getting pushed back until finally around 11:30 they came and got me. I was so excited to get to walk to the surgery room and after having a little freak out moment earlier in the morning of “How do I have 2 kids” I was so ready. The spinal was quick and before I knew it Luke was there and Liam was almost here! Another side note, about a week before this Thomas broke my glasses and you can’t wear contacts in surgery so I can’t really see much, but boy did I hear Liam when he came! I remember Thomas crying a little but for the most part he just took everything in. Liam was loud and I think cried the whole first 15 minutes of his life. ūüôā He was perfect. Weighing in at 6lbs 3oz and 21 inches long. I think the time was 12:05. On St. Patricks day.

I was so excited to introduce Thomas to his little brother and Thomas was so excited to meet Liam. They have been best friends ever since.



Well folks we’re 45 minutes away from 2013 and Luke and I just realized that not a single blog post was made in 2012. This was not due to the lack of things going on, more so the opposite. 2012 gave us a new baby, new job, new house, and new school. I’d say that’s enough too keep someone away from writing. However, we are committed to blogging more. This is such a great way to log family memories as well as share our families stories with family and friends. Here’s to 2013 with The Pruetts‚Ķ.

And baby makes four…

That’s right. Come April there will be another member of the Pruett family!! Luke and I are thrilled about this and Thomas is learning how to “be easy” with a baby (although I think he is going to be very disappointed when the baby can’t throw a ball back to him). My official due date is March 31, 2012 which means “Gender Discovery Day” is in 3 weeks! In the mean time enjoy some updated pictures of the T man!

Genesis 4

Our first story after the fall of mankind¬†is one of sin, and¬†brother against brother.¬† Sibling love is one of God’s greatest gifts.¬† Families sharing tasks is one of God’s greatest gifts.¬† A fallen world leads to murky vision, and an inability to recognize the gifts of God all around us.¬† Instead, we¬† feel jealousy where their should be appreciation, intimidation where there should be confidence, and lust where there should be faithfulness.¬† Recognizing the narrative that God has for us as a good plan that is a gift from Him, is difficult, but neccessary for the Christian.¬† Otherwise, we will be as confused, fearful, and lost¬†as Cain and his revenge filled offspring Lamech.¬† Chapter 4 does end on a good note, Seth is born and he brings Enosh into the world as his son.¬† And, “at that time people began to call upon the name of the Lord.”

Cain’s story reminds me of the first few lines in The Avett Brothers, “Murder in the City,” a beautiful song about the gift of brotherhood, encouraging parents,¬†and shared family labor.¬† A beautiful picture of God’s good story for us.

Genesis 3

We have an enemy.¬† This enemy came in the form of a serpant and whispered devious half-truths into our ancient mother’s ears, and then watched as our ancient father followed her example.¬† Our world has never been the same.¬† Pain, remorse, struggle, and guilt now characterize the experience of every one of the children of Adam and Eve.¬†

This same enemy whispers to us today.¬† Asking us what do we believe people think about us, or this will help ease the pain, or you will never be able to measure up, or if God really loved you would he allow this to happen?¬† The “eyes” that the serpant promised Eve are those of murky clarity.¬† Adam and Eve’s lack of obedience and following of deception destroyed their innocence and opened them to a world of questions with no obvious answer.¬†

But let me not nonchalantly judge my forefather and foremother, for my experience is much like theirs, full of excitement for the unknown object, so appealing to the eye, that promises a more fruitful and exciting path.¬† May we realize that we have a God who’s Spirit walks with us, “in the cool of the day,” and come to Him for love and nurturing.¬† May we come seeking redemption that carries on into regeneration.¬†¬†May we¬†be thankful to our father Adam, and mother Eve, for fighting for us and bringing us life.¬†¬†May we¬†praise God for his preservation of them, even in the face of their disobendience.¬† Thank you Father for allowing Eve to live, and to become the mother of all that have and do live.

Genesis 2

“God rested,” in this we learn of a God who desires self-control, restraint, and pacing.¬† In the modern world busyness¬†often become¬†the fruit which we daily eat of from the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”¬† Our days of work, while profitable and commanded by God through his example and speech,¬†are meaningless if rest is not taken as a means for reflection, appreciation, and physical/mental recovery.

Here, humanity’s story begins in a garden.¬† Nature¬†is¬†shown to be¬†man’s first¬†means of experiencing God’s provision and beauty.¬† However, as we learn from Adam’s story, being surrounded by beauty,¬† provision, and given a terrific vocation is not the full story.¬† We crave partnership with “bone of my bones” and “flesh of my flesh.”¬† Praise God for the gift given here of companionship, human affection, and physical connection.¬†

Man and woman are here¬†put on a journey of¬† generation after generation leaving behind their “earthly creators and providors”, their parents, and discovering one of God’s greatest and most ancient gifts, that of¬†becoming one flesh.¬† A high apprasial of parenthood, son and daughtership, friendship, marriage, sex, partnership, and nature must be our response to the beginning of God’s beautiful story for us, His Creation.¬† God responds to our desires.¬† Adam was lonely and God gave him a gift that changed my life, as I now journey through life with a beautiful bride.¬† Thank you Father for creating us with desire for companionship, and thank You for responding to Adam’s desire with such¬†a beautiful gift.¬† The world has never been the same.